All about Apptivo as a Business Solution


Apptivo is a suite of over 50 plus of based applications for CRM in business. These applications will help any user decrease errors, provide a central database of data and information. It delivers these tools to interconnect with clients more professionally. Every application is designed to solve a very specific problem within a small business and can be united with other apps to design a reliable solution for a business.

About the Apps

  • Easy – the same instinctual design standards apply to all app, reducing the learning curve.
  • Affordable –simple per/user pricingthat embraces all features and applications with no add-on pricing.
  • Integrated – You can go from a lead, to a quote, a project, and invoice. All in one single system!


Since each app is created to perform a very exact business problem, the real value in Apptivo comes thru building solutions. An answer is a grouping of several apps used to power a total business process, such as adding the Project Management and Invoicing apps to form a solution that will let you track hours and delivers electronic invoices for collection of payment. Your business can pick any combos of apps to progress with your own custom solution.

App for Everything

Apptivo has a business application for everything but how do you know the ones to use? Read the guide that will aid you learning what is accessible, and which apps work best for your specific business. The great thing about this system is that you can hand-pick only the apps you need now and then grow from there.

General strategy

Decide about the general strategy of accepting Apptivo for your company. Although you may only be looking for one solution now, it is always a good idea to ID what apps are related to your business ahead of time.