We are well aware of the China’s great firewall system. Due to this system, no one can use internet according to their desire. Many websites are blocked in China because of this “Great Firewall”.  You can’t access the many social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Google+. This restriction does not allow the citizens of China to work virtually on these websites. They cannot easily use many websites by staying in China.

The alternative to use the internet without any hurdle is by using China VPN. VPN gives you secure approach to the internet without the fear of any threat to your identity, personal information and other privacy concerns. It also covers your IP address. By doing so, your internet appears to be connected from any other country like USA or Japan.

There are many VPN providers in China. They are even struggling to comply with the rules of China government regarding the “great firewall”. These few services are working with the improved methods. These methods are maintaining their functioning under the tough online climate. It is clear that everyone goes for the best service which gives them reliable and fastest VPN.

Let’s discuss the different VPN services which are working in China. 

Express VPN

This VPN service is fastest. It is compatible with all devices. It is offering its services in more than 94 countries with 1500+ servers. This thing makes it best among the other. Due to its best speed, it is perfect for streaming of movies and other TV shows. It ensures the ultra security measures. The most striking factor about this VPN is that they are offering is with 35% discount.

Nord VPN

It is best for military grade encryption. Along with this characteristic, it is providing over 1000 servers with outclass fast speed. It also enhances its network by taking different improving measures. In which, they are giving customer support with the help of live chat option. This thing satisfies the many customers to use it confidently.

Vypr VPN

It has additional feature for its users. It functions with the firewall for ensuring more security. It has more than 700 servers. These servers are working with more than 200,000 IP addresses. Its usage is also very easy. Anyone can use it for different apps on every device.

Boleh VPN

Boleh VPN is a trusted virtual private network. It allows its users to browse the internet in a secure manner. One of the distinctive features is that they are focusing on social media sites. This VPN is also very easy to set up. They provide the extensive guidelines and articles about its best use. It also offers you many configuration options. It manually gives you the option to select the best server which it most suitable for your current location.


It is offering the multidimensional features to its users. It can be configured on countless devices regardless of their specification. In it, you can also select an alternative IP address at any time. You can also use any compressing option during its configuration process.

Closing words

There are many reliable VPNs in China. But they are suitable for different users with different needs. The main consideration is always its security feature. Also, keep in mind that different VPNs offer a different number of servers and their locations. This is something which you should consider while going for a VPN. From the above different VPNs, we will suggest you opt Express VPN. Because it is also economical and its distinctive feature makes it more worthy.