The technology of printers has seen a steady growth in this digital era. Apart from the day to day usage of general printers, we now have printers which can print 3D objects. The 3D technology printer in particular prints physical solid objects using additive manufacturing process. It all begins with creating a virtual design of the material to be printed, more like a digital prototype.

Following to that, the physical object is printed in successive layers of material by placing on top of another. 3D printing technologies opens up new possibilities to print materials which we never thought of. Our human eye can generally figure two dimension objects and have to follow certain physical movements to experience three dimensional with a naked eye.


3D printing is used to print materials ranging from smartphone cases to artificial organs. Few daily usage materials that can be printed with 3D technology are Car parts, smartphone cases, fashion accessories, medical equipment and artificial organs.

The technological improvements in medical industry have seen that 3D printer can print artificial organs from patient’s own cells. The long-time problem of patients waiting for get an appropriate donor has been addressed. Likewise, many other industries like the Automotive, Aerospace, Robotics are also utilizing the technology.


The birth of 3D printing dates back to 1980s and over the years used to print a wide range of materials that benefit many industries. Typically, the 3D printing termed to be spelled as rapid prototyping in various universities and industrial companies.

As the technology is new those days, the material and respective equipment costs are quite high. With many industries kicking in to the technology, researching whether it would benefit for their field.


The present has been amazing for 3D printing especially with the arrival of additive technology applied in appropriate areas for rapid change. The costs problems faced in the past have been addressed, effective steps have been taken to reduce the price and create rapid improvements in technology.

People started to use the 3D printers widely to print a numerous range of materials. We tend to regularly make use of the printing and binding services which help us to reduce time, cost, and get things done efficiently.

This has seen upward sales of 3D printer’s up to 100,000 and expected to double in upcoming years. The 3D-printer devices revolutionize in the medical field, as a medical team has successfully printed a human pelvis with a custom 3D-printer.


Several laboratories judged this billion-dollar printing industry will see to that every stone is turned with ease in the future. The regular innovation of technological improvements surprises with the problems it will be solving, which by default benefits billions across the globe. As a prototype, experts around the world already experimented by printing things like cups, shoes, famous celebrities, waste filter and others.

The future of 3D printing industry opens up possibilities to print materials which need replacements. It is expected that we can print objects we want with a mini DIY printers that are available in the market. With a little training to handle those mini-3D printers one can be independent about printing objects.