Information on What Many Call the Best Archiving Software Ever Developed


Archive Manager by MLtek is one of the best if not THE best software for archiving solutions. This program does not store files in a database like other archiving programs do. Instead it uses a link to a shared space that can be created almost anywhere on your current network; but it will be able to be used by all users on this network system. Because of the way this software works it is more reliable and a much faster piece of software for archiving files that are old and cluttering up the system.

Better yet, do you have old network attached storage or NAS device that is just taking up space and hasn’t been used for years? If you are looking for a file archiving solution then MLtek have a great product for migrating old files from Windows to a NAS device  anywhere you might want to set the device up.

While this program does all of this, it still will maintain the NTFS permissions on the files and the folders after being archived which is something a database centered product can’t do or can’t do it quickly. This makes it easy to recall files without bothering someone on the IT staff since any user should be able to do these themselves. Saving the time of any employee is always one of the most cost effective ways to bring your accounting under cost each month. The program can be used on any wide area network (WAN).

This is just a reliable, cost effective and simple way to handle any archiving solution of new technology file system (NTFS). NTFS is a file system established by Microsoft beginning with Windows NT 3.1. This is the defaulting file system of the Windows NT family. Archive Manager was developed and designed to offer a way that is very flexible to archive very large amounts of file to a 2nd line storage and do it cost effectively.

If you are not sure this is what you want, you can go to the MLtek website to download the program with a free license. It’s what we call “try before you buy” marketing.