Mothers are an integral part of our lives—they support us, nurture us, protect us, help us grow, and love us despite our flaws. We have become who we are right now because of them. Isn’t it rather unfair that we only get to celebrate Mother’s Day once a year, when we should be celebrating it every day? Well, nothing screams “I love you Mom!” more than tech gifts which not only lend them a cool and Millennial-ish aura but also makes their lives easier much like how they have always made our lives so much easier. But in this competitive market which is swarming with a gazillion tech stuffs one must know their way around, or there is no coming back. So, check out the following list for a guided tour of the booming tech market, and pick the one which suits your mother-dear the most.

  1. A Polaroid Camera—A polaroid camera, for the 80s and 90s mom, is like a trip down the memory lane, as it is reminiscent of all the fun moments she spent capturing your childhood. And if your mom is too young to relate to that world where Polaroid was the only way of holding onto lost time, then let this pinch of analogue refresh a world of digitalised everything.
  2. Juno Smart Mirror—The importance of a mirror in a woman’s life is undeniable. A smart mirror will especially make your mother feel special. Day or night this mirror with its triple level lighting is the perfect accessory to have, for sometimes one needs see to believe how fabulous they look.
  3. Kindle Paperwhite—Mothers have always read us to sleep when we were young, so it’s about time we let them not only do their pending reading but also make it so much easier. A Kindle eBook reader is the perfect gift ever—its lightweight, has backlighting, and the battery lasts for weeks. She can read multiple novels, and carry them around everywhere without any hassle. Indulge the inner bookworm in your mom with this zero-glare e-reader so that reading eBooks puts zero strain on her eyes. Talk about being appreciative and thoughtful!
  4. Massage Pillow—Being a mother is a 24×7 job, and often our shenanigans have left our moms more than exhausted. Gift your mom a massage pillow for all the tiring days she has. With gentle heat, vibrations and simulated kneading this massage pillow is the best stress reliever, and for the days you can’t be there to ease your mother’s neck and shoulder ache this massage pillow will be a subtle reminder of how much you care about your mother.
  5. Smart Stove Assistants—In the hurly-burly of everyday life often the stove remains unattended and the meals get burned which only makes moms’ task more difficult. Add a “smart”-touch to your mother’s kitchen with this smart stove assistant, whose sensors not only allows the stove to be controlled via an app on the mobile but also monitors the stove and switches it off when left unattended for too long thereby preventing burned dinners. Even if you can’t help your mother out in the kitchen, this smart gift will do it for you by making cooking practically sweat-free.
  6. Robot Vacuum Cleaner—Cleaning rooms can be a hectic job. A robot vacuum cleaner has a high suction power and takes minimum space. This sleek, pocket-sized powerhouse of a vacuum cleaner will not only make household chores easier for your mom but will also slyly help you get your mom off your back by cleaning your room for you—a win-win situation.
  7. Digital Photo Frames—Photos are the most beautiful means of capturing the fleeting time, and nothing scares a mother more than seeing her child grow up in a jiffy. So, hand her the keys to the past through a digital photo frame. The photo frame will be a gentle reminder of no matter how grown up you are; you will love her, and find time to be there for her. What can be better than looking at the mantle and seeing a slideshow of all the happy times you have spent with your mom.


This is just a short list of some of the tech gifts that could brighten and lighten your Mother’s Day. For more details, and relevant information you can check out now. But that is not all; you can also enjoy instant discount on subscription. Shower some extra love on your mom, and make every day a very happy Mother’s Day!

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