Telepresence Technology: Be Anywhere & Do Anything


Haven’t you ever wanted to be in another city or a favorite tourist destination? There are hundreds of places that you may have wanted to visit, but couldn’t do so because of time and other constraints. This is where telepresence technologies can help you. So what is telepresence and what is the latest innovation in this field.

New Mobile & Cloud Based Telepresence Technology

New mobile-based technology allows anyone sitting in their home or office to hire a person in their desired city to act as their Avatar. This cloud-based technology streams live video and audio feed while providing a GUI-based interface so that you can direct your Avatar to do anything.

You want to visit a museum? Your Avatar will visit the museum while you can experience it from the comfort of your home. Direct them to move in any direction you want or get them to pick and examine an object. Speak to people and do anything.

Hire an Avatar

Avatars are ordinary people like you who are ready to offer their services for a fee. What makes this new technology even more unique is that it is powered by a cryptocurrency. You get to pay your Avatar in a cryptocurrency for hiring their services. The benefits of such a system are galore for people from any part of the world.

Travel the World

With this new telepresence technology, you can travel to any part of the world and feel like doing it yourself. Want to visit and explore an African Safari? Hire an Avatar to do it while you get to feel that you are present there. Want to interact with people from a remote culture? Find an Avatar who lives there and have them visit the place.

This new mobile-app based technology will change the way you think of telepresence.