The reasons why your filters of Snapchat’s are being rejected


It has been seen many times that people get to know that there Geofilter has been rejected. There are no explanations given and a person keeps on wondering that what went wrong. Snapchat Geofilter is the newest and trendiest way of socializing with people. It gives the priority to create your own filter and show it to the area around you. Still, people are getting rejections and here are the reasons why it’s being rejected.

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  1. File size: The size of the file is to be between 1080px in Width and 1920px in Height and should not increase above 300kb. After the size is set then make sure that you are saving it in .PNG file format and save it as a transparent background. Most of us forget this and then our filter gets rejected. These are a first and basic thing which is checked. Next time when making a filter first check the size dimension.

  1. Unique Work: When you create snapchat filter take a look that you are not copying any others work. It should be unique and the work has to be original. If snapchat finds that you are sending a filter which is already been used by some other person then rejection is certain. It’s all about originality and creativity but it’s not like you can take ideas from others. While taking ideas use of your own creativity and make it a unique one.

  1. Make it localizes: When selecting the area the one thing that people do is wrong. That is that they are selecting a larger area which even goes out of the boundary of their country. Just make the Snapchat filter small and within a small range. Snapchat shows the map of who world but there is an area size limit. Keep the size of the area as small and targeted to the audience that you are seeking. Keeping snapchat local gives a surety that it won’t be rejected.

  1. Promotion, Hashtag, and Writings: Snapchat certainly does not allow the promotion of brands. If you are looking for promotion then you need to have proper rights to it. The Hashtag are not allowed it is also a way to advertisement and promotion. Writings on the filter should be to the point and no dirty words. There are people of all ages that will be seeing it and snapchat make sure that they all enjoy the clear and nice Geofilter.