The Role of Software in International Communication

Hardware & Software

Today, we can see advancements in technology that we could have never imagined before. In terms of hardware, mobile phones have progressed from keypads to touch screens. For functionality of a mobile phone, what was used to be done on computers can now be seen on our mobile phones.  Laptops, on the other hand, have become even more powerful than ever. The processing power and graphics of laptops and computers today are more powerful than ever, in addition to that, laptops and computers are becoming smaller and lighter despite the increase in functionality.

Development in software has also started to pick up, a lot of companies that could be worth millions and even billions are now starting to appear left and right. When we talk about technology we are used to physical objects such as mobile phones, laptops, computers and other gadgets but it is important to recognize the advancements in software that has helped a lot in the world we live in today. One of the huge contributions from technology is social media. People are now able to stay in contact more than ever despite living in different countries and different time zones. We are now able to experience communication real time with people abroad.

Social media has also helped us to stay connected with people from our past and people from different nations. Through social media, we are able to see what is happening with other people in real time. The Internet and social media have also helped in keeping people informed. No matter where an event is taking place people could easily stay updated through social media. News companies have also started to take its information distribution online, people no longer have to wait for the news program and newspapers to be updated but today news is updated real time.

There are now a lot of sources of news online. A lot of popular news companies have started to shift their focus to their online news websites. Aside from news companies different social media websites help people spread issues about current events. In fact, videos posted by people online have helped a lot of people stay updated such as the events in Nanjing Massacre between China and Japan, elections in different countries and relief operations being made in disaster-stricken areas. However one of the problems being faced by online news sources is exposure to fake news. People have to be careful about their news sources and always check its credibility. It is important for people to understand that because it is easy to put anything online and communicate with anyone online there are also a lot of security risks involved which should be included in developing software.

As we can see progress in software and programming have helped contribute in how the world communicates today. In the past, people would have to wait days or even weeks just to receive a message or be updated but today things happen at the tip of our fingers. From mail to emails and the video calls that we have today there is no doubt that the possibilities of the future are endless. If we take a look at social media sharing photos, videos and even live streaming is made possible. Photo and video sharing have been easier than ever. To think that in the past it would take minutes for a single photo to load today it would only take seconds. Businesses are also taking advantage of improvements in this field through international conference calls which could even be done through video. This could help businesses cut costs by avoiding traveling to different countries just to conduct a meeting instead they could now meet through video conferences where deals and agreements could be made.