Things You’ll Need to Start a Design Studio Things You’ll Need to Start a Design Studio


So you’ve decided to take the plunge and start your own design studio. Starting a business of any kind is not easy, but if you’re mostly the creative type without a whole lot of business savvy, it can be especially challenging. Before you start to feel overwhelmed, take comfort in the fact that there is a lot of information out there that can help you these days, and it helps to slow down and take things one step at a time, beginning with the basics. Here are some of the most essential things you’ll need to start a design studio.

The Right Equipment

Depending on what kind of design work you’ll be focusing on, you’ll need to make a list of the equipment you’ll need and plan your purchases accordingly. You can save money by buying used or refurbished equipment, but make sure to buy these from trustworthy resources with a good reputation and excellent customer service. JJ Bender is a vendor that supplies a broad variety of machines ranging from used wide format equipment to cutters and laminators.

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Computer and Software

Your regular old laptop won’t do for serious design work; you’ll need the right kind of computer and proper software for your design studio. When investing in a computer and software, it pays to do your research and compare different models to get the right specs and to score good deals on programs and licenses. If you’re going to spend a little more money on anything, a good computer and software would be an excellent investment.

A Great Space to Work

It doesn’t need to be an enormous space, but for design work, great lighting and a good ambiance are a must to get the creative juices flowing. Find a space that will keep you inspired and help you to be most productive

Power up Your Portfolio

One of the most important things you can arm yourself with when starting a design studio is a solid and impressive portfolio. Even when you’re just starting out, it’s crucial to document your work and keep track of your progress as you enhance your skills and learn new ones.

Have a Good Mindset and Healthy Attitude

Again, starting a business isn’t easy, and design in itself isn’t easy, so putting them both together and putting up a design studio can be doubly challenging. The right attitude and a healthy, positive mindset will help see you through, and keep you going on the most difficult days. Staying focused and mentally and emotionally healthy will help you be more creative, productive and motivated. Turn your challenges into inspiration, and try to enjoy the whole process and learn as much as possible.

At the end of the day, natural creative talent won’t be enough to run a successful design studio. It will also take a certain amount of grit and determination, as well as a willingness to learn new skills and to seek new information and knowledge.